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painter: Enno de Kroon

The Dutch artist, influenced by the artists of cubism like Picasso and Braque, express himself through these three dimensional paintings on egg cups. He name his art “Eggcubism”. He took advantage of the egg cups shape and present his object in a changeable position. According to the angle of observation the object of representation change shape, mood and character. This interaction between the painting and the spectator creates a very appealing outcome.


Buy a bamboo toothbrush

Buy a bamboo toothbrush

Company: Smiles for the People

According to the designers “Almost 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes are discarded into landfills every year, so we thought we’d try something new.” The bamboo toothbrush is a completely biodegradable product.

The company, Smiles for the People is a new kind of company.Their target is to sell the highest quality and most environmentally responsible dental supplies while helping improve the oral health of people who can’t access or afford the dentist. For every item you buy, we will donate the equivalent of one toothbrush to a Giving Partner providing care to people in need.

Smiles For the People is set to launch toothbrush sales on February 26th, and you can find them on Twitter @smiles4people.


Old materials in new shapes

Old materials in new shapes

Design: Sascha Akkermann, PRODUKTWERFT

This collection is made out of antique materials with new clear-cut design. In close connection with recycling companies, the designers come up to these new sophisticated furniture. Due to the nature of the material each piece of furniture is unique and inimitable.

Drawstring Lamp

 Drawstring Lamp

Designer: Svensson Markspelle, Gothenburg
photographer: Drawstring Lamp

Gothenburg, Sweden-based design studio, Design Stories, set out to create a collection made of industrial waste material produced by local companies. The lamps are made from materials that would normally be thrown away as waste and the results are a charming collection with an interesting story to tell. The textile of the lamp is from a sun shading waste material and it is designed from is made by Svensson Markspelle. Due to the use of sun shades the organic shape of the lamp is shelf supported.The wooden parts that hold the lamp together both work as a constructional component, decoration and as a practical feature if you want to shorten the cable.


Carved Wooden Bowls and Plates

Carved Wooden Bowls and Plates

Designer: The Andes House (in collaboration with Ecosoluciones and Andes Media.)

These dishes, plates, and mugs are made from single pieces of wood. The exterior face of the product is worked out through traditional carving techniques, while the interiors of the pieces are cut out by a CNC industrial cutting robot.


‘Stretchy Console’ table

‘Stretchy Console’ table

designer: Auren Barjhoux, student at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design – Reims

The student exposed the table during the Dutch design week in Eindhoven. The piece was inspired by a carpenter’s ruler and can contract and expand to create a table of any length. It is made out of solid wood with no screws..!

Paper pulp vassels

Paper pulp vassels

designer: Studio Jo Meesters

These vessels are made entirely out of paper waste. The Dutch designer combines other materials with pulp such as epoxy and polyurethane and create a new material that can hold water. Discarded vessels are used as molds. The items were exposed at the Dutch design week (Friday, November 27th, 2009).