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Tree Chairs

tree chair

branch, tree, chair, furniture

branch, tree, chair, furniture


designer: Yuanbio Jin


The famous Chinese designer, create this series of furniture out of glass and wood. Here branches are sank in the colorful glass volume creating a very elegant outcome. The object may seem fragile but it is strong enough to be a furniture for the interior or the exterior space.



Paper Vase

paper, vase, design

cardboard, vase, paper, design

Designer: Philippe Ferrous

Tout Simplement demonstrate the design of vase by cardboard on the basis of the plastic bottle. The idea is to unfold a structure out of cardboard around a plastic bottle. It is available in two colors: brown and red at the price of 22 E

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cardboard bed

cardboard, bed, furniture, ecology, green, recycling, reuse, folding, interior, cheap, assemble, design, Karton,


Company: Karton

This cardboard bed is made out of recyclable cardboard. It is very cheap, it can be assembled in few minutes and it is very durable. It can last under the pressure of 20 people (almost 2 tones)!


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