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Edible Spoons

edible spoons

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Company: Triangle Tree

These very clever edible spoons is the most environmentally friendly idea to serve alongside your meals. The spoon is 100% natural and edible. It can be used to eat variety of foods as it is produced in three flavors: plain, spicy, or sweet. Spicy spoons can add extra zest to bland food or may be used to eat already spicy meals. Sweet spoons sweeten the food they are used to eat, and may be used with foods – like cereal – that are already sweet.

The ingredients of the secrete recipe are: corn flour, whole wheat flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, eggs, separated milk, spices and herbs.


It’s intelligent design made it edible in peaces for practical reasons. The spoon can be consumed in clumps in order to prevent dissociating into random granules that would make the consumption more difficult.

The only real question (aside from the taste itself) is one of consistency and absorbency – strike the right balance and your soup would hopefully not soften the spoon too soon, but would soak in the flavors for that final bite.
The spoons could be purchased in supermarkets for home use.

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