Cabbage Chair

Cabbage Chair

designer: nendo / Oki Sato

Nendo designed the cabbage chair for the XXIst Cetury Man exhibition curated by Issey Miyake to commemorate the first anniversary of 21_21 Design Sight in Roppongi, Tokyo.
The task was to make furniture out of the pleated paper that is produced in mass amounts during the process of making pleated fabric and usually abandoned as an unwanted by-product.
This furniture is made of waste paper from the pleated fabric industry. The paper is wrapped into a cylinder and cut vertically halfway down one side so that the layers can be peeled back one at a time.Resins added during the original paper production process add strength and the ability to remember forms, and the pleats themselves give the chair elasticity and a springy resilience, for an overall effect that looks almost rough, but gives the user a soft, comfortable seating experience.The chair has no internal structure.It is not finished and it is assembled without nails or screws.The primitive design responds gently to fabrication and distribution costs and environmental concerns, the kind of issues that face out 21st century selves.



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